Visa and work permit services
- Work permits and visa applications/renewals for foreigners often involve a lot of administrative work. It's also complicated because rules and regulations often change.

- Whether you have a BOI certificate or not, [MONARCH Services] has a team to serve you in all relevant government agencies. This is what makes the difference. Come to us. Complete, all in one place.

- We know exactly what the steps are. different possibilities different problems and documents required for submission We are always prepared. And this is what saves time!

MONARCH Services takes care of everything.

Contact us to get your quote. Our fees are very competitive. And the more foreigners you have, The more money you save.

  • It is important to minimize the time your employees need to spend in the immigration office. And don't go there multiple times because something is missing...we believe in reducing the time and stress involved.

  • work permit
    MONARCH provides work permits for you to work legally in Thailand. Our team will accompany you through every step to get your work permit approved. We can produce a digital work permit just like a regular work permit. Our staff will help you get all the necessary documents to make the process smooth.

  • NON-B visa
    MONARCH can arrange a non-b multi entry visa and bank account for you. We can also help you create a 90-day report. Your visa application process has never been easier and faster!

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